Norigami | Norigami HQ About Us. How we came up with the idea, why we are doing this and what we are trying to accomplish
Norigami is the love child of sushi and a sandwich. Gluten, wheat and dairy-free, it is a healthy alternative for lunch and beyond. With the best recipes of street food from all over the world, we deliver a delicious grab and go new food concept to busy working women and men who are looking for real food on the go.
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What We Do

Norigami is inspired by the Japanese Onigirazu, discovered in anime movies in the 90s in Japan and now become a family recipe. Onigirazu is made from many things, leftovers, vegetables, meat and fish. But we wanted to give it a special touch. So we created our own, and called it Norigami!

The origin of the concept

Norigami HQ was born out of passion for both taste and health. Surprisingly, it’s hard to find both, so we committed to creating something new and exciting that makes your mouth water and your conscience happy. Inspired by a Japanese snack, Onigirazu, we created our own delicious version of a rice sandwich that’s anything but predictable. Our chefs are influenced by the best global flavours and recipes to create tasty fillings, which are then neatly wrapped in rice and seaweed.

What's Next?

We are so full of ideas that we even dream about it. We really do. You’ll soon see Norigami HQ shops and pop ups on the High Street. We’ll be expanding our menu, expanding our tribe, actively contributing to our communities, announcing collaborations, hosting events and then popping up in cities around the globe.


We believe we can live a much healthier life without allergens. And we also believe that we can make amazing recipes without any nasties...