Norigami | Norigami HQ Free-From. Norigami is gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, nut-free, crustacean-free.
Norigami HQ produces food with a very limited amount of allergens. We have banned from our recipes the most unhealthy ones, such as cereals containing gluten, dairy (milk, lactose, whey) but also nuts, peanuts, crustaceans, molluscs, soy beans, mustard, sulfur dioxide, lupin and celery.
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15% of households in the UK are avoiding gluten and wheat.

5% of the UK population is lactose intolerant.

These numbers may seem small, but if you consider that the UK population is over 66,000,000, you can see that there are a lot of people struggling with what they can eat.


With Norigami, everyone with the most common food allergies and intolerances can confidently eat our food.

Even foodies can have food intolerances, and we believe the free-from market needs more delicious meals to temp the taste buds.


Some fun facts:

  • Rice vinegar contains gluten.
  • Soy sauce contains gluten.
  • Many chorizos contain gluten or lactose.


We have sourced suppliers who offer gluten and lactose-free products that taste delicious.