Norigami | Norigami HQ About Us. How we came up with the idea, why we are doing this and what we are trying to accomplish
Norigami HQ About Us. How we came up with the idea, why we are doing this and what we are trying to accomplish. Norigami is the first onigirazu in London. Invented in the 90s in a manga comic book called Cooking Papa, it brings together the best of sushi and a sandwich. Gluten free, wheat free and dairy free, it is mostly totally delicious. Three categories: vegan, meat and fish, so that everybody is happy. Get in touch and we will tell you where we will be next.
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How was Norigami born? It all began with our founder.

Arthur, a multilingual Frenchman, has lived in many countries and explored the globe. He loves food and thrives on immersing himself in other cultures, but he never knew how to combine these passions into any sort of business.

Rather randomly, he discovered that he couldn’t eat wheat, gluten or dairy. Did he think this was the start of a new business? Absolutely not.

He started researching alternative food options that he could make for himself.


Eventually, he found ‘onigirazu’, a Japanese ‘sandwich’ that mothers create for their kids. He was immediately seduced by the fact that this was a family concept. It was something that moms would cook using meat, fish and fresh vegetables, wrapped in rice and seaweed. No bread or dairy was involved! It mixed tradition, family recipes, taste, and practicality.


He started cooking and tasting… and sharing. He quickly realised he was on to something others were just as excited about. Suddenly, it all came together. He could let the entrepreneur in him free, and decided to start Norigami.